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1. What is is an image bank dedicated to the marketing and distribution of photographs through the website.

2. What can you do with

With you can buy and sell images of any theme and place of the world.


3. Who can sell images?

  • -Any photographer, professional or amateur, your images provided must have a minimum standards of quality and considered suitable for marketing in professional sectors. No matter what is your nationality or place of residence.
  • -Archives and private collections, in case of they are holders of all rights to exploit the images.

4. How can I become a photographer collaborator?

Become a Colaborator is easy. You only have to register on the website. In order to validate your partner account will be asked to send a scanned copy of your passport or identification card.

In less than 24 hours you can validate your account and start sending your images. It is very important that your registration details match those on your passport or ID card.

5. Do I lose any right on my images?

Never. Photographers relinquish never any rights they have on their images.

6. Can I find other ways to sell my images?

Yes, you can. We did not ask for any exclusivity of images to represent, so the photographer can look for other ways to sell their pictures and try and get maximum return from their work.

7. What kind of photos do we looking for?

8. What commission do for photographers receive for selling their pictures?

You will charge 50% commission on each sale to occur.

9. When and how the benefits paid from the sale of my pictures?

Payment must be made monthly through Paypal or bank transfer. All requests for payment shall be effective in the last fortnight of the following month after the sales.

10. In my country is not available Paypal How will I get my commission?

If your country is not available Paypal, the only option of payment is by bank transfer. Such transfers are very expensive and slow so we require that the photographer has accumulated a minimum of 150 euros.

Transfers except in Spain which does not require a minimum amount accumulated.

11. Do I have to pay for belonging to

We never charge anything to our photographers. And we do not charge any commissions.

Everything we offer is FREE:

  • - Your work will be reviewed to ensure that it's able to be marketed.
  • - You will have a personal page with your portfolio (
  • - Unlimited storage of photos.
  • - We take care of administrative tasks.
  • - Statistics with your images more visited.

12. Which is my license for selling my images?

There are two types of licenses to manage the use of your images: Royalty Free and Rights Managed.

Deciding which license to distribute your image is important if we want to get the maximum profitability.

Royalty Free:

We recommend you to choose this license when the photographs are most common or that you think they are easier to obtain images in other images banks.

  • - These are commercially more flexible, better adapted to the real needs of your potential customers.
  • - They operate faster.
  • - You will have a better chance of selling on your pictures.

Rights Managed:

We recommend you to choose this license when they are your most creative pictures or those represent to you a higher cost in production. Only exclusive photos and the more difficult to get!

  • - You will assign the rights of your images for specific uses so you will have more control on your work.
  • - The sale price will depend on the end use.
  • - Your customers have more exclusivity on your work.

13. Can I send pictures where people appear recognizable?

Yes, you can. But in the case of you can recognize models or people it is necessary to have the appropriate permits. For this reason we have made available a model permission for the photographers.

14. Can I send pictures without authorization of the model?

Yes, you can. In some cases it will be impossible to have the written consent of the people in your pictures. For example, in public events, musical performances, parades, sports events ... in these cases do not require authorization.

15. Can I appear on with a different nickname to my usual name?

Yes,you can. You can edit your profile and choose a pseudonym to sign your pictures.

In the case of agencies or companies registered under the company also is possible to choose a name.

Your data will always be associated with a natural or legal person in order to be valid.

16. Can I publish my pictures with my water mark, logo or signature?

We do not permit in our photo galleries with water mark, logo or signature. All photographs published on our website includes a watermark to prevent them from being used without authorization.

Each photograph includeS the author's name on a physical part of the image and text together with other information that accompanies it.


17. How do I purchase images?

Contracting the use right of the images is easy. You should follow these steps:

  • 1 - Sign up, if you have not already done . Identify yourself if you are already a registered user.
  • 2 - Find and add images to your shopping cart. Calculate the price of the rights-managed images, according to the conditions of use. Select the size of royalty-free images.
  • 3 - Pay and download the selected images. If this is your first purchase you must fill out a short form where you ask for some additional information for selling you later the bill.

18. What license should I choose?

There are two types of licenses for you for choosing the most appropriate to your project:

  • Royalty Free: Pay a single image you can use it as many times as you need and without any limitation.
  • Rights Managed: Pay only for the specific use you need in each case. You will get additional exclusivity on the images which you use in your work.

19. How do I download the purchased images?

After the purchase one email will be sent to you in which you will find links to download the files.

20. Will I have a bill when I purchase images?

After your purchase we will send you the bill in a PDF file straight to your email.

21. Can I use pictures in which people appear without authorization?

In many of the images where people appear they have written permission from the model. You can check the text underneath each photo.

Images without authorization may still be used, but not in a commercial sense. In other words, for adverts, promotions and other situations where the image represents a product or service.

This is the case for newsworthy photographs such as events, musical shows, parades or sports evens, where the purpose isn´t to sell a product or service.

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